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Whitebread 26 will be a handicapped distance race circumnavigating Shelter Island around government marks.  The Race Committee will manage the division splits with the goal of improving competition at all levels. There will be awards for each division and for performance overall. The Post Race Party and Awards ceremony will include dinner and a live band.

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  • Oct 06, 2019 21:36 EST

    Place Team Name/Yacht Division Corrected Time Skipper Yacht Club
    1 Team Ryan   14:29:20    
      Barleycorn 1A 4:42:23 Brendan Brownyard SIYC
      Bravo 1A 4:48:16 Andrew Ward SIYC
      Firefly 2 4:58:41 Peter Carroll PBSA
    2 SIYC   14:59:17    
      Alliance 1A 4:46:01 Stephen Guyer SIYC
      Bella 1B 4:56:04 Harry DoOrio SIYC
      Easterly 3 5:17:12 David Kriegel SIYC
    3 PBSA   15:42:02    
      Hocus Pocus 2 4:58:38 Don Suter PBSA
      Silent Passage 5A 5:17:54 Bill Coster PBSA
      SeaBreeze 6B 5:25:30 Mahlon Russell PBSA
    4 Breakwater YC   15:43:37    
      Gossip 1A 4:57:33 Steve Kenny BYC
      Gracious IB 5:48:32 Daniel Montero BYC
      Purple Haze 1A 5:17:02 Lee Oldak BYC
    5 Dyanamo Hum   16:24:37    
      Faster Pussy Cat   5:23:52 Beth Fleisher PBSA/SYC
      Shamrock   5:24:33 Bob Voelkel PBSA
      Trading Places   5:36:12 Tom Wacker PBSA
    6 Brewer   16:52:09    
      Cape Doctor 1B 5:50:37 David Hommel PBSA
      Impulse 4 5:27:02 Andrew Baris PBSA
      Zoop 3 Zoop Paul Kreiling Paul Kreiling
    11 Swift Wind Claw        
      Claws Out 2 5:03:41 Bill Lehnert OCYC
      Swift  1B DNF Dan Kuehn EEYS
      Windsong 5B 5:12:47 Fred Endemann PBSA
    11 Port Jefferson YC        
      Harvest Moon 4 6:36:40 Chuck Chiaramonte PJYC
      Red Sky 1B DNF Ralph Segalowitz PJYC
      R JMS 3 5:51:48 Richard Sptizenberger PJYC
    11 Adrift   20:47:47    
      Moonfire 6B DNF James Divan Pete's Dock
      Skillagalee 2 5:20:37 Tom Samuels PBSA
      Time in A Bottle 6A DNF Bill Hale East End Rowing
    11 No Name        
      Polar C 5B DNF Bob Goodale PBSA
      Stomper 5A DNF Joshua Smith PBSA
      Write Stuff 6B DNF Ron Marchetti PBSA

  • Oct 04, 2019 20:29 EST

    The printed scratch sheet icorrectly lists the rating of Harvest Moon at 126.  The correct PHRF ELI rating for Harvest Moon is 136.  She remains in Division 4. ...

  • Oct 04, 2019 13:20 EST

    1. Spindrift, a Tartan 41 has withdrawn and will not race.
    2. Sea Breeze was listed incorrectly with her spinnaker rating. She entered in the non spinnaker fleet. Her rating has been changed to her non spinnaker rating of 235.
    3. The rating of Claws Out has been changed to 117 from the Etchells OD rating of 111. The change reflects the fact that Claws Out has an outboard, so her rating is the same as the rating of Firefly.

  • Oct 02, 2019 18:11 EST

    Paragraph 5

    The table of warning times and flag colors in Paragraph 5 has been amended as follows. Division 1 warning will be at 9:10.  The warning for both Division 2 and Division 3 will be at 9:00.  Therefore, Divisions 2 and Division 3 will start at the same time.  The flag color for Division 6 is now magenta.

    Attachment B “Division Splits and Warning Times” has been added.


  • Sep 27, 2019 11:55 EST

    Notice to Whitebread 26 Competitors 27 September 2019

    1. Amendments  to the Sailing Instructions
      Paragraph 9.1: The words “The approximate start times for each division are shown along with the” have been removed.  We apologize for the incomplete sentence. The approximate starting times for each division are listed in the table in Paragraph 5.1.

      Paragraph 16: The spelling of Withdrawals has been corrected.  The phone number to call or text message to report withdrawals has been changed to put you directly in touch with the Scorer on the Signal Boat. The new number is 631-605-4285.
    2. Scratch Sheet and Final Division Assignments will be emailed to entrants no later than midnight on October 3rd.  At this writing 74 boats have entered.  The currently published splits are subject to change because race entry is open until midnight on October 3.
    3. Safety.   Please report situations that require you to have outside assistance to the race committee on VHF 72 or 631-605-4285.  If the situation calls for it, also use VHF 16.  Be aware of the vocabulary protocol for use of VHF 16 in emergencies.

      Moderately threatening: Pan pan, pan pan, pan pan for example you have grounded and believe you may be taking on water slowly or are a hazard to navigation)

      Immediate danger and distress: Mayday, mayday, mayday for example your ship is going down, you've lost someone overboard, your vessel is being smashed on rocks.
    4. Post-Race Party.  If you intend to come to the party and have not yet purchased tickets, please help us plan by buying tickets on line. 

      5:00 pm – Beverages and chowder available
      6:00 pm – Dinner Service Begins
      7:30 pm – Awards Ceremony





  • Jul 24, 2019 11:15 EST

    Whitebread 26 Poster Design by Paul Kreiling WB 26 Gear Order ButtonParty Tickets Button
    WB 26 Poster Design
    by Paul Kreiling

  • Apr 24, 2019 14:59

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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