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The Jazz Cup is a 26 mile downwind race from San Francisco to Benicia. Enjoy the warm weather and great wind. Raft up at Benicia afterwards and stay for the party and awards.

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  • Apr 07, 2015 03:58 EST

    JURY DECISION Event: 2014 Jazz Cup Filing Date: 9/5/2014 Hearing Date: 4/2/2015 Requestor represented by: Jetstream, Daniel Alvarez Other party represented by: John Super, Original PC Chair Names of witnesses: Protest or request valid 1 Protest or request invalid, hearing is closed 0 Facts found: 1. This Request for Redress was referred to the current Protest Committee for action by the Appeals Committee of the YRA of San Francisco Bay 2. The course included a mark (Mark B) near the finish line that all boats were required to round prior to finishing. 3. At approximately 15:18 Mark B was seen drifting to the east at about the same time the 15th boat crossed the finish line. 4. The drifting mark effectively lengthened the distance required to sail the course for boats yet to finish. 5. At approximately 16:23, the mark was placed back on station at about the same time the 100th boat crossed the finish line. 6. Jetstream crossed the finish line at 15:05:50, prior to the mark being off station. 7. The original Protest Committee conducted a redress hearing where redress was granted the 10 boats in attendance, reducing the elapsed time for each boat by 20, 25 or 30 minutes. 8. The finish times of as many as 85 boats were affected by the drifting mark. 9. The original Protest Committee did not consider redress for approximately 75 of the boats affected by the drifting mark. Conclusion: 1. The award of redress is at the original Protest Committee’s discretion, thus the redress given was not an improper action under RRS 62.1(a). 2. The original Protest Committee failed to consider redress for all boats affected as required by RRS 64.2 and failed to make as fair as arrangement as possible for all boats affected as required RRS 64.2. 3. This is an omission as identified in RRS 62.1(a). 4. Jetstream’s score was not made significantly worse as a result of the original Protest Committee’s omission to consider redress for all boats, thus not meeting the requirements of RRS 62.1. 5. Approximately 77 boats who finished between the time of 15:18 and 16:23, and who were not previously granted redress, had their scores made significantly worse through no fault of their own because of an error by the Race Committee. Rule(s) applicable: 62.1, 64.2 Decision: 1. Jetstream’s request for redress is denied. 2. Redress is granted for all boats not previously considered for redress by the original Protest Committee. 3. That redress shall be the abandonment of the 2014 Jazz Cup under RRS 64.2. Jury: Grant Baldwin, Thomas Allard, Paul Zupan Signed: Chairman: Grant Baldwin Date: 4/6/2015 Time: 1600hrs ...

  • Sep 06, 2014 15:44 EST

    Due to an issue with the scoring program, we are not able to show the RDG on the scores. RN has been notified of the issue. The following sail numbers were given redress with the amount of time: 67572: -20minutes 4188: -30minutes 3847: -30minutes 28908: -20minutes 3316: -25minutes USA52: -10minutes USA498:-25minutes 493: -25minutes 71: -15minutes If you open the scores by clicking on race 1, the same info is listed on the scoring detail. ...

  • Sep 06, 2014 11:25 EST

    0830 September 6, 2014 For Immediate Release: Subject: Jazz Cup drifting marks. The Protest Committee for the 2014 Jazz Cup is aware of or has seen correspondence to officers of the Race Committee for Jazz Cup 2014, of the Benicia Yacht Club and of the South Beach Yacht Club. These messages complain about the race mark(s) that drifted off station during the finish sequence for many boats. The Protest Committee was aware of this issue as it occurred. A valid Request for Redress was filed and per US Sailing (Prescription to 63.2) a redress hearing was scheduled, a notice posted, the PRO announced the time/place/reason for the hearing verbally in several locations in the Benicia YC and over the PA system. All boats had finished and were in harbor by this time. 9 boats signed up to be participants in the hearing. The Protest Committee granted time redress to these boats. It was noted that many boats did not sail the Course as required by RRS 28 and so a blanket redress was impossible to consider. Subsequent to the posting of results and awarding of trophies, several competitors have expressed dissatisfaction with the results. The Sailing Instructions impose a restriction on redress to requests that is “Protests and requests for redress shall be written on standard US SAILING Protest Forms”. Like the competitors the Race Committee and the Protest Committee must abide by the Rules (RRS 85). The Rules include the Sailing Instructions (Definition of Rules). As of this moment the Protest Committee has only received one Redress Request that fits this stricture and it had nothing to do with the moving mark issue and was in fact moot. All the above being said…the Time Limit for filing Protests or Redress Requests is over. John H. Super Chief Judge Jazz Cup US Sailing Certified Judge Staff Commodore, Bay View Boat Club ...

  • Apr 12, 2014 15:59

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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