Registrants For
International Laser Class Assoc. Pacific Coast Championships
Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

August 01-December 31, 1969
61 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Derick/Frederick Vranizan III

181723 Laser
Open (M)
Seattle, WA Seattle Yacht Club
2. ryan cutting

185530 Laser
Junior (M)
west vancouver, bc Royal Vancouver Yacht club
3. Alexander Heinzemann

187775 Laser
Junior (M)
Delta, B.C. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
4. Andrew Wong

190393 Laser
Open (M)
delta, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
5. Ben Scott

190489 Laser
Junior (M)
West Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
6. Kevin Grierson

190467 Laser
Open (M)
Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
7. Ian Elliott

173266 Laser
Open (M)
Edmonton, Alberta Calgary Yacht Club
8. Geoff Abel

190176 Laser
Junior (M)
Victoria, BC Royal Victoria Yacht Club
9. Richard Leland

9740 Laser
Master (M)
Durham, CA none
10. Brendan Wilton

183811 Laser
Open (M)
Bedford, NS RNSYS
11. Ned Turney

170073 Laser
Open (M)
Winnetka, IL Chicago Yacht Club
12. Drake Jensen

182870 Laser
Junior (M)
El Sobrante, Ca. Richmond Yacht Club
13. Anthony Boueilh

188646 Laser
Open (M)
Quebec, QC ANBB
14. Evan Lewis

187733 Laser
Open (M)
Toronto, Ontario Royal Canadian Yacht Club
15. Donald Brown

168268 Laser
Open (M)
Stillwater, Oklahoma oklahoma state sailing club
16. luke Ramsay

188620 Laser
Open (M)
Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
17. Lee Parkhill

193300 Laser
Open (M)
Oakville, Ontario RCYC
18. Alex Wood

180008 Laser
Junior (M)
Coronado, CA Coronado Yacht Club
19. Michelle Davis

181839 Laser
Apprentice Master (F)
Miami, FL Coconut Grove Sailing Club
20. Peter Jesberg

158677 Laser
Junior (M)
Mill Valley, CA San Francisco Yacht Club
21. Simon Schmitt

190193 Laser
Open (M)
Keoma, Alberta Calgary Yacht Club
22. Christopher Tulip

182808 Laser
Junior (M)
Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
23. Joseph Lepis

189797 Laser
Open (M)
Manasquan, nj lavallette
24. Jonathan Weston

153357 Laser
Master (M)
Aptos, CA barefoot
25. Byron Roehrl

182357 Laser
Junior (M)
Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
26. Andrew Fox

188678 Laser
Junior (M)
Fort Lauderdale, FL Lauderdale Yacht Club
27. Wade Hatton

171004 Laser
Junior (M)
Newport Beach, Ca Newport Harbor Yacht Club
28. Ricardo Montemayor

187162 Laser
Junior (M)
North Vancouver, BC Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
29. AUSTIN D. Evans

190178 Laser
Junior (M)
San Diego, CA San Diego Yacht Club
30. Matt Woodworth

168196 Laser
Open (M)
Glenview, IL Chicago YC
31. Kyle Martin

182373 Laser
Junior (M)
Vancouver, BC RVYC
32. Niklas Anderson

184519 Laser
Open (M)
Boca Raton, FL Lauderdale Yacht Club
33. Peter Phelan

176124 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
Santa Cruz, Ca santa cruz yacht club
34. Tracy Usher

171007 Laser
Master (M)
Montara, CA MPYC
35. Michael Rutledge

191931 Laser
Open (M)
San Francisco, CA Treasure Island Sailing Center
36. Eric Wilson

173261 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
Mill Valley, CA TISC
37. Robin Stubbs

185500 Laser
Junior (M)
Calgary, Alberta Calgary Yacht Club
38. Luke Harrison

184536 Laser
Junior (M)
Calgary, Alberta Calgary Yacht Club
39. Mike Scott

162521 Laser
Junior (M)
Novato, CA RYC
40. Mark Halman

187643 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
Oakland, CA RYC
41. Sean Kelly

175174 Laser
Open (M)
San Francisco, CA SFYC/StFYC
42. James Vernon

173670 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
Kensington, CA None
43. Tom Brosky

167188 Laser
Junior (M)
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
44. Colin Brochard

180485 Laser
Open (M)
Pinole, CA EYC
45. david lapier

180483 Laser
Master (M)
palo alto, ca none
46. Nico Colomb- Picard

170143 Laser
Junior (M)
Santa Rosa, CA RYC
47. stephen bourdow

171314 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
santa cruz, cA Sequoia YC
48. Peter Vessella

185557 Laser
Master (M)
Burlingame, CA saint francis
49. Elliot Drake

188104 Laser
Junior (M)
Portland, OR Willamette Sailing Club
50. Mike Bishop

173666 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
San Francisco, CA TISC
51. George Witter

194182 Laser
Master (M)
Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Sailing Club
52. John MacElwee

173193 Laser
Master (M)
Santa Rosa, CA Treasure Island Sailing Center TISC
53. Christopher Humphreys

189737 Laser
Junior (M)
Los Altos, CA Sequoia Yacht Club
54. David Adolphs

191973 Laser
Open (M)
Truckee, CA TYC
55. Pat Toole

172920 Laser
Master (M)
Santa Barbara, CAlifrornia sbsc
56. carlos roberts

175086 Laser
Open (M)
woodland hills, ca ABYC
57. Terry Doyle

192947 Laser
Apprentice Master (M)
Mill Valley, CA RCYC
58. greg jackson

162244 Laser
Grand Master (M)
bainbridge island, WA port madison YC
59. Chris Dold

188653 Laser
Open (M)
Oakville, Ontario RCYC
60. Abe Torchinsky

187150 Laser
Open (M)
Vancouver, BC RVYC
61. brad funk

188669 Laser
Open (M)
plantation, fl clearwater yacht club

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