2022 RS Aero World Championship : Columbia Gorge Racing Association

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The Columbia Gorge Racing Association is pleased to welcome all RS Aero sailors to the 2022 RS Aero World Championship in Cascade Locks, Oregon. We are looking forward to a spectacular week of sailing with you in the legendary Columbia River Gorge!

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  • Jun 28, 2022 19:53 EST

    The Protest Time Limit is 1424. ...

  • Jun 28, 2022 18:52 EST


  • Jun 27, 2022 18:29 EST

    Photos from Saturday and Sunday racing are now available at https://sailthegorge.smugmug.com/2022-RS-Aero-World-Championship. More coming so stay tuned! ...

  • Jun 27, 2022 15:33 EST

    ECR ...

  • Jun 26, 2022 19:53 EST

    https://www.racingrulesofsailing.org/penalties/4257/event ...

  • Jun 25, 2022 12:01 EST

    All trailers and boats must be removed from the gravel portion of the CGRA parking area.
    Trailers must be moved to the CGRA grass parking and a trailer tag must be affixed.
    Trailers in the grass area must be parked along the south edge of the grass, nearest the road.
    Cars may then be parked blocking in the trailers.
    Cars in the CGRA grass area may use the event code 6476 for $5/day parking

  • Jun 23, 2022 18:08 EST

    RS Aero Sailors

    Welcome to the Gorge!

    The sailing instructions are now posted on the Regatta Network page. Plan to get your boat inspected tomorrow, but late inspection will be available Saturday.

    Inspection is on Friday from 12-5pm and Saturday from 2-5 pm. The following notes are from Peter Barton, who will be performing inspection, visiting each boat with a checklist. Present your boat with mast up, rudder on, and sail at least partly fed into the mast track.

    After inspection, you can pick up your packet from the CGRA Race Office.

    It is every RS Aero racers responsibility to ensure that their RS Aero complies with Class Rules for racing. The Class Rules are closed class rules any change from the supplied equipment and the Rigging Manual not specifically permitted by the Class Rules is prohibited.
    Please check the Class Rules (May 2022) here; https://www.rsaerosailing.org/docs/876871527(4).pdf
    and the Rigging Manual here; https://www.rsaerosailing.org/docs/RSAeroRiggingManualOverdeckV10.pdf
    During the measurement process at the Worlds I will visit RS Aeros with a quick checklist to work through. Our RS Aero Class International Measurer, David Rickard, will be available on coms if necessary.
    RS Aeros may be checked at any time and checks may go beyond that checklist. A completed checklist does not confirm an RS Aero to be class legal, it has just passed measurement at that time.
    For reference the checklist can be found here; https://www.rsaerosailing.org/docs/193392911.pdf

    Sails need to be correctly dressed in accordance to Class Rules C.10.4 and Annex 2;

    National Sail Flags
    These will be provided by the Class Association at event Registration on site for $5 an with plenty available for each of the countries entered.
    1 flag is required on the port side for these events, at least 60mm under letters and from leach. A second one, if numbers permit, is optional on starboard positioned back-to-back with the port one.
    They look great and add a nice splash of colour to the otherwise white RS Aero!

    Numbers need to match the four digit sail number applied to the the hull.
    They need to be black, RS Aero 5 needs 230mm tall with min of 45mm spacings and RS Aero 7 & 9 needs 300mm tall with min of 60mm spacings
    Spacings are minimums, so go for a good safety margin! Remember the spacings also apply to opposite sides and the distance from the leach too.

    Country Letters
    Three digit country letters are required at international events, which includes these three main championships.
    Again they need to be black with same size and spacing as the numbers.
    Letters can be either digital or rounded. Digital is preferable to match the appearance of the numbers. 
    Digital letters can be formed from buying digital 8's. See page 39 here; https://www.rsaerosailing.org/docs/RSAeroRiggingManualOverdeckV10.pdf
    Charter RS Aeros will be provided with numbers and letters by RS Sailing.


  • Oct 12, 2021 14:29

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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